Urban City Lahore – Payment Plan 2024 – Location Map

Urban City Lahore
Urban City Lahore

Lahore is the largest city in Pakistan, and has been the epicenter of a number of historic developments in the past. As the city continues to grow and develop, the need for sufficient, quality housing for its residents has become all the more important.

As we know that Lahore is full of exciting real estate opportunities. Various up-class residential and commercial developments are providing incredible investment opportunities. People are looking for futuristic options that not only ensure the best living conditions but also the high value of money. Among many other projects, Started with the concepts to turn out your dreams into reality, this housing project offers something exceptional. However, equipped with all the basic and advanced facilities, you will find this society perfect to reside with your family.

Urban City Lahore

Urban City Lahore is a place where you can relish your dreams at an affordable price. Through expertise, quality and breadth of services, it offers an exceptional value to people. Here you will get a way to an ideal and magnificent living. You can buy among various property types according to your requirements with much ease and convenience. Another good thing is that it is located at the prime location of Lahore close to many important and beneficial spots. Be a part of this living plan of quality living standards now!

The project’s development began in 2023, driven by the need for the city to develop a long-term strategy for managing and providing adequate housing for its residents. The plan included providing access to essential public services such as water, sanitation, roads and other amenities. The project also sought to reduce energy usage, improve air quality, promote transportation integration and urban economic development.

Urban City Lahore

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Urban City Lahore Payment Plan

The payment plan of any real estate project is always of paramount importance, and people are curious about this as it determines that either they will be able to buy property in a particular housing scheme or not. The payment plan of Urban City Lahore has come to surface, which has a high attraction for the potential buyers and clients.

You will find this property an excellent destination to invest your money to gain profits as the entire living spaces offer something exceptional to their customers, along with the best present values and desired future outcomes.

The investment, residential as well as commercial opportunities are bright here. Modern investors and clients are very attractive to purchase property at this newly developed housing scheme.

Types of Properties Available

Urban City Lahore offers a range of properties to choose from, including apartments, villas, and commercial shops. The apartments and villas come in different sizes and configurations to suit the needs of individuals and families.

Costs and Payment Options

The costs of the properties in Urban City Lahore depend on the size, type, and location.

Discounts and Promotions

Urban Developers also offer different discounts and promotions to make the investment more feasible and attractive for the buyers. There are early bird discounts, referral bonuses, and installment plans to benefit from.

3.5 Years Residential Payment Plan

3 Marla

  • Down Payment: 225,000
  • 42 Monthly Installments: 8500
  • 6 Bi-annual Installments: 60,500
  • Allocation Amount: 90,000
  • Possession Amount: 90,000
  • Total Price: 1,125,000

5 Marla

  • Down Payment: 350,000
  • 42 Monthly Installments: 13,500
  • 6 Bi-annual Installments: 93,500
  • Allocation Amount: 150,000
  • Possession Amount: 150,000
  • Total Price: 1,775,000

10 Marla

  • Down Payment: 700,000
  • 42 Monthly Installments: 27,500
  • 6 Bi-annual Installments: 175,000
  • Allocation Amount: 297,500
  • Possession Amount: 297,500
  • Total Price: 3,500,000
Urban City Lahore Payment Plan
Urban City Lahore Payment Plan

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Urban City Lahore Location Map

This is an ideal location both from a living and investment point of view. From Lahore and Sheikhupura, this location is easily accessible. Investing in a real estate project at an ideal location is a great investment.

The buyers can make the most out of it as the property prices always increase that are strategically located. District One Sheikhupura location map adds much to the value of this society. This is among the top factors that make it the best housing society.

Located at Ring Road and Grand Trunk(GT) Road Kala Shah Kaku CPEC Route, at Eastern Bypass Lahore this housing scheme has many luxurious facilities, markets, malls, restaurants, major housing societies of Lahore, and many other essential places in its surroundings.

Transportation and Connectivity

The project’s prime location makes it easily accessible through different modes of transportation, including buses, taxis, and private vehicles. The Lahore Metrobus also has a stop near the project, making it easier for residents to commute across the city.

Surrounding Amenities and Landmarks

The project is also located near some of the city’s most prominent landmarks, making it an ideal residential location.

Urban City Lahore Location Map

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Urban City Lahore Project Plan

The developers have meticulously conceived and implemented the Urban City master plan. Moreover, the Developers have acquired three thousand kanals of land to develop this remarkable Society’s efforts.

The project plan for this housing society is simple but effective. It consists of two phases, the first phase being a residential phase where residents can build their own homes and the second phase being a commercial phase with amenities such as a shopping mall, restaurants, and other recreational facilities.

The residential phase includes plots of different sizes ranging from 3 marla to 1 kanal. All plots have access to electricity, water, and sewerage. The commercial phase includes a shopping mall, restaurants, and recreational facilities such as parks and open spaces. The developers have also planned to build a school and hospital in the area.

The project plan also includes a wide variety of payment options. Homebuyers can pay in installments over a period of six months or more. Additionally, there are several discounts and incentives available for early buyers. All in all,Urban City Lahore Lahore is an ideal choice for those looking for a place to build their dream home or invest in real estate.

They have earned a reputation for delivering quality projects that meet the needs of their customers and offer a great return on investment. Urban City Lahore Lahore is one of the most sought after residential projects in the city and offers a great value proposition. With its spacious plots, top-of-the-line amenities and superb location, Urban City Lahore is the perfect choice for a home or investment property.

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Urban City Lahore Developers

Urban City Lahore This Project design By Surbana Jurong is developed by Al-Hafeez Developers which is a well known and reliable company who is responsible for the development and delivery of this spectacular venture. Al-Hafeez Developers is committed to providing the best services to its customers and strives to build a better future for them.

. They are a well-known and trusted name in the real estate industry. The developers have planned this gated community according to global standards in order to elevate your living standards.

The developers at the initial stage set up the whole plan and then seek the final approval from the concerned authorities so that all kinds of issues in the future can be avoided. With vast experience in real estate because of which Surbana Jurong have proven themselves as the premier property developers with a significant approach in every matter. Through their innovative and excellent work, they are contributing to the rapid growth of the property market. Transparency and reliability are the main tools through which they achieve a higher customer satisfaction level. The expertise in architect development, land acquisition, construction, and designing has helped them to be ranked among the best real estate developers.

The Developers works with leading architects, engineers, and designers to ensure that all their projects are up to the highest standards. The Developers team consists of experienced professionals who are committed to providing the best services to their customers. They are dedicated to creating a better future for their clients and delivering projects that meet all the expectations of the buyers.

urban city Lahore Developers

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Investment Opportunities in Urban City Lahore

Investing in Urban City Lahore can prove to be a wise decision for both short-term and long-term gains. The project offers affordable payment plans and flexible installments, making it accessible for those who may have a limited budget or a desire to diversify their real estate portfolio.

Current and Future Real Estate Market Trends in Lahore

Lahore is a city with a rapidly growing real estate market. With the development of new housing schemes, the demand for property in the city has increased significantly. Urban City Lahore is a project that offers investors a great opportunity to capitalize on this growing market. The location and facilities provided by Urban City Lahore make it a great investment option for buyers.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Based on the current market trends and the recent development of infrastructure in the area, it is expected that Urban City Lahore will provide a high potential for return on investment. The value of the property is expected to appreciate significantly in the coming years, which makes it a smart investment choice.

Future Prospects and Market Analysis

Urban City Lahore is located in the prime location of Lahore, which is a rapidly growing metropolitan city. With the ongoing developments in infrastructure, the market demand for residential properties in this area is increasing. This increase in demand is expected to continue as the area continues to expand and the population grows.

Comparison with Other Projects in the Area

Compared to other real estate projects in the area, Urban City Lahore boasts of exceptional facilities and amenities, including a swimming pool, gym, and clubhouse. The project is also well-connected to all the major areas of Lahore, which makes it more desirable for investors and potential buyers.

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Legal and Procedural Details for Owning Property in Urban City Lahore

Buying property in Urban City Lahore is a hassle-free process due to the project’s transparent and well-documented procedures. The developers have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that the buyers are not faced with any legal complications while acquiring their properties.

Regulatory Approvals and Compliance

Urban City Lahore has received all the necessary approvals from the relevant regulatory authorities, making it a legally compliant project. These approvals provide buyers with the assurance that they are investing in a project that is following all the legal processes.

Documentation Process and Requirements

The documentation process for Urban City Lahore is straightforward, and it has been streamlined to make it easy for the buyers. The developers have provided all the necessary guidance to the buyers regarding the required documents and the entire process, ensuring that they have a hassle-free experience.

Legal Framework and Ownership Rights

The legal framework for owning property in Urban City Lahore is in line with the laws of the land. The buyers are provided with clear ownership rights, ensuring that they can use and enjoy their property without any legal issues. The developers have taken all the necessary measures to ensure that the buyers’ investment is secure and legally binding. Urban City Lahore is a promising real estate project that offers a contemporary living experience in the heart of Lahore. With its prime location, state-of-the-art amenities, and flexible payment plans, it is an excellent choice for those seeking to invest in the real estate market or looking for a permanent residence. With this comprehensive guide, we hope to have provided you with valuable insights into this innovative project, helping you make an informed decision about investing in Urban City Lahore.

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Why choose Urban City Lahore?

Urabn City Lahore Housing Society is one of the most sought after housing societies in the city of Lahore. It offers an excellent location, a payment plan that is affordable to all, and top-notch amenities. These features make it an ideal choice for those looking to move into a new home.

The location Urabn City Lahore is unbeatable. It is just minutes away from the centre of Muridke, giving residents easy access to all of the city’s main attractions. In addition, the payment plan is designed to be accessible to all. Residents can choose to pay in instalments or in full, depending on their budget and financial capabilities.

The amenities offered at Urabn City Lahore are also impressive. The developers have put thought into creating a community that meets the needs of modern life. This includes secure gated entrances, 24/7 security, CCTV surveillance, and an array of other features that promote safety and convenience.

The developers at Urabn City Lahore have gone above and beyond to create a safe and secure housing society. They have put together a comprehensive project plan that ensures that all aspects of the project are met with the highest standards.

Choosing Urban City Lahore Housing Society provides residents with the opportunity to enjoy all that the city of Lahore has to offer, while living in a secure and safe environment. With its convenient location, payment plan, and amenities, it’s no wonder why this housing society is so popular.

Urban City Lahore Why Choose Us

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Urban City Lahore

In conclusion, Urban City Lahore is a promising investment opportunity that offers modern residential and commercial units, flexible payment plans, and a prime location. With its range of amenities and facilities, the project has the potential to provide a high return on investment. However, buyers should carefully consider their options, do their due diligence, and review customer feedback before making a decision. Overall, Urban City Lahore is a project worth considering for anyone looking to invest in Lahore’s booming real estate market.

Summary of Key Points Discussed

Urban City Lahore is a project that offers buyers a great investment opportunity. The location and facilities provided by the project make it a great investment option for buyers who want to capitalize on Lahore’s growing real estate market.

Final Thoughts on the Project and its Investment Potential

With its great location and facilities, Urban City Lahore is a project that offers a great investment potential for buyers. The flexibility of the payment plan and the range of properties available make it a great investment option for buyers who want to secure their financial future.

Recommendations for Potential Buyers

Potential buyers should carefully consider their options before investing in Urban City Lahore. They should evaluate the payment plan options, location, and facilities provided by the project before making a decision. Overall, Urban City Lahore is a great investment option for buyers who want to invest in Lahore’s rapidly growing real estate market.

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Features and Facilities

Urban City Lahore offers a range of community services and facilities, including 24/7 security, maintenance services, and garbage disposal services. The project also features a mosque, parks, and green spaces to promote a healthy and sustainable living environment.

The housing venture will have various features and facilities for the residents.

  • 24/7 security
  • Wide roads and greenbelts
  • Modern sewerage and drainage system
  • Electricity backup
  • Community center
  • Sports facilities
  • Commercial areas
  • Mosques
  • Parks
  • Hospital
  • Shopping Malls
  • Grocery Stores
  • Schools
  • Colleges

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Commonly Asked Questions

At Urban City Lahore, we understand that people may have questions about our housing scheme.

Which is the best colony of Lahore?

Urban City Lahore Is best Housing Society in Muridke.

What is Urban City Lahore?

Urban City Lahore is a residential housing society located in the city of Muridke. It is an emerging project offering modern amenities, world-class facilities and an ideal residential environment.

Is Urban City Lahore approved by LDA/Tma?

Current status, it is approved by TMA (Tehsil Municipal Administration).

Who are the developers of Urban City Lahore?

Urban City Lahore is developed by Al-Rehman and Al-Hafeez Developers and the project plan was designed by Singapore-based Company Surbana Jurong.

What are the amenities available at Urban City Lahore?

The society provides a range of modern amenities and facilities such as 24/7 power backup, uninterrupted water supply, round the clock security, advanced drainage system, jogging track, mosque, parks, sports facilities, commercial centers and much more.

Who is the owner of the housing venture?

Urban City Lahore is developed by Al-Rehman and Al-Hafeez Developers and the project plan was designed by Singapore-based Company Surbana Jurong.

Why should I choose Urban City Lahore?

Urban City Lahore offers a secure and comfortable lifestyle for its residents with its modern amenities, world-class facilities, convenient payment plans and easy accessibility. It is an ideal place for families looking for a peaceful living environment in the hustle and bustle of the city.

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