MDA Approved Housing Societies- Updated List 2024

Multan Development Authority (MDA) is responsible to approve or reject any Real Estate Development in Multan. Before investing in any project, whether residential or commercial, you must check its legal status. No housing scheme can be called legal until it gets development and planning permission from Multan.

SocietyStatusCityTotal Area
Buch Executive Villas HSApprovedMultan1330 Kanal(s)
Engineering Avenue / Gulshan-e-AhbabApprovedMultan129.48 Kanal(s)
Abdullah LSDApprovedMultan36.15 Kanal(s)
ADAMS HOUISNGApprovedMultan480 Kanal(s)
Adeel Bagh LSDApprovedMultan20.5 Kanal(s)
Adnan CityApprovedMultan72.08 Kanal(s)
Ahmed Rahim Canal View LSDApprovedMultan81 Kanal(s)
Al Aziz Canal View LSDApprovedMultan102 Kanal(s)
Al Falah LSD Phase 1ApprovedMultan103.45 Kanal(s)
Al Falah LSD Phase 2ApprovedMultan141.22 Kanal(s)
Al Jawad Town LSDApprovedMultan10.95 Kanal(s)
Al Quraish Model LSDApprovedMultan64 Kanal(s)
Al Tariq City LSDApprovedMultan96.8 Kanal(s)
Al-Aziz LSD / Khayaban-e-AzizApprovedMultan103.2 Kanal(s)
Al-Falah Deffence CityApprovedMultan58.38 Kanal(s)
Al-Falah Sharjah City LSDApprovedMultan55.39 Kanal(s)
Al-Hamd Canal View HSApprovedMultan155.94 Kanal(s)
Al-Jannat Homes LSDApprovedMultan37.5 Kanal(s)
Al-Karim HomesApprovedMultan17 Kanal(s)
Al-Noor City LSDApprovedMultan21 Kanal(s)
Al-Qaim Town HSApprovedMultan180 Kanal(s)
Alfalah Canal View LSDApprovedMultan80.6 Kanal(s)
Alfalah Dubai LSDApprovedMultan72.45 Kanal(s)
Ali GardenApprovedMultan42.07 Kanal(s)
Ali LSDApprovedMultan83.56 Kanal(s)
Ali Town HSApprovedMultan102.16 Kanal(s)
Allah Bukhsh ColonyApprovedMultan60 Kanal(s)
Arsalan LSDApprovedMultan38.08 Kanal(s)
Bilal Canal View LSDApprovedMultan36.75 Kanal(s)
Bodla TownApprovedMultan459.69 Kanal(s)
Buch Executive Villas (Extension-2) HSApprovedMultan2191.1 Kanal(s)
Buch Villas Extension-IApprovedMultan1829.1 Kanal(s)
Canal Cantt View LSDApprovedMultan110 Kanal(s)
Cantt Canal View LSDApprovedMultan55.5 Kanal(s)
Catholic Cooperative H/Society LSDApprovedMultan85 Kanal(s)
Citi Housing HSApprovedMultan997.15 Kanal(s)
Citi Housing Private Ltd (Extension)ApprovedMultan1898.63 Kanal(s)
Civil Garden LSDApprovedMultan59.77 Kanal(s)
Classic VillasApprovedMultan306.8 Kanal(s)
Defence View LSDApprovedMultan50 Kanal(s)
Defense VillasApprovedMultan50.31 Kanal(s)
Dream Garden Extension (Dream Cottages) HSApprovedMultan200 Kanal(s)
Eden LSDApprovedMultan40 Kanal(s)
Ehtesham City LSDApprovedMultan99.75 Kanal(s)
Fahad Town HSApprovedMultan500.91 Kanal(s)
Faisal Cottage (Revised) Phase-IIApprovedMultan399 Kanal(s)
Faiz LSDApprovedMultan136.4 Kanal(s)
Faiz -e-Aam Homes LSDApprovedMultan73.82 Kanal(s)
Falah-ud-Din City LSDApprovedMultan53.42 Kanal(s)
Farid Canal View 2 LSDApprovedMultan96.44 Kanal(s)
Farid TownApprovedMultan240.3 Kanal(s)
Farukh TownApprovedMultan183.65 Kanal(s)
Fatima LSDApprovedMultan52.15 Kanal(s)
Fine City HSApprovedMultan643.78 Kanal(s)
French Villas LSDApprovedMultan82.3 Kanal(s)
Furqan Canal View LSDApprovedMultan27 Kanal(s)
Garden City LSDApprovedMultan97 Kanal(s)
Grace Garden LSDApprovedMultan156 Kanal(s)
Green Avenue LSDApprovedMultan32 Kanal(s)
Green Garden LSDApprovedMultan159.3 Kanal(s)
Green Residences LSDApprovedMultan43.4 Kanal(s)
Green view LSDApprovedMultan98.26 Kanal(s)
Green View LSDApprovedMultan94 Kanal(s)
Gulastan e Ashar LSDApprovedMultan99.37 Kanal(s)
Gulraiz Town LSDApprovedMultan54.5 Kanal(s)
Gulshan e Qadir LSDApprovedMultan25.33 Kanal(s)
Gulshan e Qalandar LSDApprovedMultan20 Kanal(s)
Gulshan e UsmanApprovedMultan39 Kanal(s)
Gulshan e Yousaf LSDApprovedMultan48 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-BashirApprovedMultan52 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-Lal Shahbaz ColonyApprovedMultan143.11 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-Madina LSDApprovedMultan56.02 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-Mehr ColonyApprovedMultan150.45 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-Rehman Housing SchemeApprovedMultan575.73 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-SadatApprovedMultan52.15 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-Sakhi SultanApprovedMultan106.4 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-Wahid Housing SchemeApprovedMultan300 Kanal(s)
Gulshane RahmanApprovedMultan97.3 Kanal(s)
Habib Town LSDApprovedMultan24 Kanal(s)
Hammad LSDApprovedMultan19.97 Kanal(s)
Hamza Villas LSDApprovedMultan39 Kanal(s)
Hashmi Canal View Phase-I & II LSDApprovedMultan77.19 Kanal(s)
Ibrahim avenue LSDApprovedMultan100 Kanal(s)
Ibrahim CityApprovedMultan72.08 Kanal(s)
Ibrahim LSDApprovedMultan40.5 Kanal(s)
ICone Villas LSDApprovedMultan448 Kanal(s)
Ilyas EstateApprovedMultan52.2 Kanal(s)
Inam LSDApprovedMultan86 Kanal(s)
Iqbal LSDApprovedMultan39.75 Kanal(s)
Iqra LSDApprovedMultan44.11 Kanal(s)
Iram LSDApprovedMultan36.8 Kanal(s)
Jameel Garden LSDApprovedMultan27.14 Kanal(s)
Kabir GardenApprovedMultan26 Kanal(s)
Karam LSDApprovedMultan34.8 Kanal(s)
Karim TownApprovedMultan375.67 Kanal(s)
Khan Village Phase-I & IIApprovedMultan92.45 Kanal(s)
Khayabane Raheem LSDApprovedMultan71.03 Kanal(s)
Khyaban e Hassan LSDApprovedMultan31 Kanal(s)
Laraib Villas LSDApprovedMultan12.85 Kanal(s)
Lasaal SchoolApprovedMultan16 Kanal(s)
Liberty Homes / Royal GardenApprovedMultan169 Kanal(s)
Madina Town LSDApprovedMultan30.65 Kanal(s)
Malik Villas LSDApprovedMultan37.5 Kanal(s)
Margallah LSDApprovedMultan46 Kanal(s)
MDA Officers Cooperative Housing SocietyApprovedMultan937.76 Kanal(s)
Mid Land AvenueApprovedMultan18.7 Kanal(s)
Mobeen Model Town LSDApprovedMultan36.72 Kanal(s)
Mughal City LSDApprovedMultan96 Kanal(s)
Mujahid CityApprovedMultan82.38 Kanal(s)
Mujahid Green ValleyApprovedMultan158 Kanal(s)
Mujahid Town LSDApprovedMultan76.75 Kanal(s)
Multan Canal View HSApprovedMultan247.7 Kanal(s)
Multan GardenApprovedMultan20 Kanal(s)
Multan Villas LSDApprovedMultan20.8 Kanal(s)
Mushtaq City LSDApprovedMultan38.31 Kanal(s)
Mushtaq ColonyApprovedMultan60.5 Kanal(s)
Naseem Industrial Residencies LSDApprovedMultan23.5 Kanal(s)
National Town HSApprovedMultan64.85 Kanal(s)
Nayab City LSDApprovedMultan95 Kanal(s)
New City LSDApprovedMultan88.41 Kanal(s)
New Crystal CityApprovedMultan149.54 Kanal(s)
New Garden City LSDApprovedMultan56 Kanal(s)
New Model CityApprovedMultan10 Kanal(s)
New Western Fort LSDApprovedMultan45.26 Kanal(s)
Nishtar Villas / Nishterian Cooperative Society LSDApprovedMultan77 Kanal(s)
Officers TownApprovedMultan517.17 Kanal(s)
Pace Garden LSDApprovedMultan26.65 Kanal(s)
Paramount Villas LSDApprovedMultan54.6 Kanal(s)
Park Lane LSDApprovedMultan40 Kanal(s)
Pearl City HSApprovedMultan354.1 Kanal(s)
Pearl Residencies HSApprovedMultan192.72 Kanal(s)
PIA Employees Co-operative H/SocietyApprovedMultan667.25 Kanal(s)
Posh Avenue LSDApprovedMultanKanal(s)
Professors/Officers BlockApprovedMultan102.95 Kanal(s)
Qaim LSDApprovedMultan34.85 Kanal(s)
Quraishi LSDApprovedMultan49.5 Kanal(s)
Rasheed Avenue LSDApprovedMultan31 Kanal(s)
Razia Saeed HSApprovedMultan103 Kanal(s)
Rehmat ColonyApprovedMultan407.4 Kanal(s)
Revised Dream Garden HSApprovedMultan780 Kanal(s)
Royal Orchard (Extension)ApprovedMultan3190.25 Kanal(s)
Royal Orchard HSApprovedMultan1699 Kanal(s)
Sabzwari Town HSApprovedMultan394.75 Kanal(s)
Sadiq LSDApprovedMultan19.42 Kanal(s)
Sadiqui CooperativeApprovedMultan8.3 Kanal(s)
Safari TownApprovedMultan85 Kanal(s)
Sahara LSDApprovedMultan158.96 Kanal(s)
Sayyam City LSDApprovedMultan96 Kanal(s)
Sayyam Officer City LSDApprovedMultan98.75 Kanal(s)
Sayyam Village HSApprovedMultan463 Kanal(s)
Shad Town LSDApprovedMultan36 Kanal(s)
Shafqat Garden LSDApprovedMultan122.94 Kanal(s)
Shah Jahan Canal View HSApprovedMultan304.5 Kanal(s)
Sharif City LSDApprovedMultan72.76 Kanal(s)
Silver City LSDApprovedMultan122 Kanal(s)
Silver Garden LSDApprovedMultan139 Kanal(s)
Smart Villas LSDApprovedMultan28.22 Kanal(s)
Sun City LSDApprovedMultan130 Kanal(s)
Talal Bagh LSDApprovedMultan66 Kanal(s)
University Avenue IIIApprovedMultan65.67 Kanal(s)
University Teacher Housing Project IIApprovedMultan96.33 Kanal(s)
University Teacher LSDApprovedMultan86.14 Kanal(s)
VIP LSDApprovedMultan78 Kanal(s)
Western Avenue LSDApprovedMultan153.2 Kanal(s)
Western Fort Canal view LSDApprovedMultan62.18 Kanal(s)
Western Fort Ph-IApprovedMultan73.6 Kanal(s)
Yasrab E Madina LSDApprovedMultan48.12 Kanal(s)
Zain Masood LSDApprovedMultan58.85 Kanal(s)
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