FDA Approved Housing Societies- Updated List 2024
FDA Approved Housing Societies- Updated List 2022

Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) is responsible to approve or reject any Real Estate Development in Faisalabad. Before investing in any project, whether residential or commercial, you must check its legal status. No housing scheme can be called legal until it gets development and planning permission from FDA.

Sr. NoScheme NameLocationStatus
1A.Zee Housing Chak No. 234/RB Faisalabad.Approved
2Abdullah Defence Chak No. 229/RBApproved
3Abdullah Farm Housing Scheme Chak No.204/RBApproved
4Air Avinue City, Chak No. 230/RBApproved
5Akbar Housing Scheme Chak No. 204/RBApproved
6Al barkat Villas, Chak No. 226/RB, Faisalabad.Approved
7Al-Hamra Town Chak No.199/RBApproved
8Al-Haram Town Chak No. 66/JBApproved
9Ali Town Sitara Gold city, Chak No. 215/RB, Satyana Road, Faisalabad.Approved
10Al-Jameel Farm Housing Scheme Chak No. 217/RBApproved
11Al-Mahboob Garden Chak No. 223/RBApproved
12Al-Qasim Blossom View Chak No.121/JB, Faisalabad.Approved
13Al-Raheem Valley Chak No. 215/RBApproved
14Amin Town Chak No. 207/RBApproved
15Bilal City Chak No. 197/RBApproved
16Bilal Garden 196 RB, FaisalabadApproved
17Bilal Orchard, Chak No.196/RB, Ghona Road, Faisalabad.Approved
18Bismillah Orchard Chak No. 61/GBApproved
19Canal Park Chak No.204/RBApproved
20Canal Valley Chak No. 209 & 215/RBApproved
21Canal Villas Chak No. 204/RBApproved
22Chenab Garden Chak No. 223/RBApproved
23CITI Housing Scheme Chak No. 234/RBApproved
24CITI Housing Scheme Chak No. 4&5/JBApproved
25Cooperative Housing and Building Society Employees of University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Chak No. 196/RBApproved
26Defence City, Chak No. 226/RB & 238/RB, Faisalabad.Approved
27Defence view Executive Block Chak No. 226/RB Satiana Road Faisalabad.Approved
28Defense Fort Chak No. 223 RBApproved
29Doctor City Chak No 238/RB FaisalabadApproved
30Eden Garden Chak No. 208/RBApproved
31Eden Garden Executive Block Chak No. 208/RBApproved
32Eden Garden Phase-II Chak No. 208/RBApproved
33Alpha Housing Scheme Chak No. 296/RBApproved
34Eden Orchard Chak No. 121/JBApproved
35Eden Villas Chak No. 222/RBApproved
36Ejaz Town Chak No.124/JBApproved
37Executive Block Chak No. 204/RBApproved
38Faisal Town Chak No.217/RBApproved
39Fareed Town Chak No.214/RBApproved
40Ghafoor Garden Chak No. 204/RBApproved
41Govt: Employees Co- Operative Housing Society Scheme-I Chak No.213/RBApproved
42Govt: Employees Co-Operative Housing Society-II Chak No.199/RBApproved
43Green Block Chak No. 204/RBApproved
44Green Orchard Chak No. 209 RB FaisalabadApproved
45Green Town Chak No.122/JBApproved
46Green Valley Chak No. 234/RBApproved
47Green View Colony Chak No.123/RBApproved
48Gulberg Valley Chak No. 215/RBApproved
49Gulshan-e-Hayat Chak No.220/RBApproved
50Gulshan-e-Iqbal Chak No.222/RBApproved
51Gulshan-e-Madina Chak No.120/JBApproved
52Haider Garden Chak No. 119/GBApproved
53Hameed Town Chak No.124/JBApproved
54Hamza Homes Chak No. 204/RBApproved
55Haven Habitat-I Chak No.204/RBApproved
56Ibraheem Bajwa Town Chak No.217/RBApproved
57Ibrahim Villas Chak No. 199/RBApproved
58Icon Gold Valley Chak No. 192/RB Faislabad.Approved
59Ideal Valley Chak No. 202/RBApproved
60Image Villas, Chak No. 225/RB, Faisalabad.Approved
61Iqbal Block, Chak No. 204/RB, FaisalabadApproved
62Iqbal Town Chak No.124/JBApproved
63Ismael Green, Chak No. 196/RB, Millat Road, FaisalabadApproved
64Jalal Town Chak No.196/RBApproved
65Jamil Town Chak No.124/JBApproved
66Jawad Town, Chak No. 223/RB, Faisalabad.Approved
67Johar Town, Chak No. 243/RB, Faisalabad.Approved
68Kamal Avenue City Chak No. 230/RBApproved
69Karim Town Chak No.224/RBApproved
70Khalid Town Chak No. 7/JBApproved
71Khayaban e Manzoor Chak No. 209/RBApproved
72Khayaban Garden Hassan Block Chak No. 121/JBApproved
73Koh-I-Noor Town Chak No.213/RBApproved
74LalazarColony Chak No.226/RBApproved
75LCM Canal Burg Chak No. 212/RBApproved
76Liaqat Town Chak No.220/RBApproved
77Lyallpur Garden Chak No. 212/RBApproved
78Lyallpur Villas Chak No. 204/RBApproved
79Madina Garden, Chak No. 234/RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Approved
80Madina Green Valley, Chak No. 214/RB, FaisalabadApproved
81Manan Town Chak No. 121/JBApproved
82Meadows Phase-I, Chak No. 234/RBApproved
83Meadows Phase-II, Chak No. 234/RBApproved
84MID City Chak No.207/RB, Faisalabad.Approved
85Millat Colony Chak Chak No.223/RBApproved
86Millat Town-III Chak No.196/RBApproved
87Model City Chak No. 465/GBApproved
88Model City-II Chak No. 238/RBApproved
89Model Town, Chak No. 263/RB, Samundari Road, dijkot, Faisalabad.Approved
90Muhammad Ali Housing Scheme Chak No. 222/RBApproved
91Muhammad Khan Town Chak No.207/RBApproved
92Nasir Town Chak No.224/RBApproved
93Nawab City Chak No. 5/JBApproved
94Nawaz Town Chak No.120/JBApproved
95Nazimabad City Chak No. 220/RBApproved
96New Farid Town Chak No.196/RBApproved
97New Garden Block Phase II, Chak No.208/RBApproved
98New Garden Town Chak No.214/RBApproved
99New Muslim Town Chak No. 120/JBApproved
100Niaz Garden Chak No.242/RBApproved
101Oasis Orchard Chak No.223/RB, FaisalabadApproved
102Omega Residencia chak no.3/JB, FSDApproved
103Orchard Homes Chak No. 239/RBApproved
104Palm Villas Chak No. 217/RBApproved
105Park View Colony Chak No.200/RBApproved
106Park View Homes Chak No.5/JB, Sargodha Road Faisalabad.Approved
107Pine Garden Chak No. 209 RB FaisalabadApproved
108Premium Block Chak No. 204/RBApproved
109Prime City Chak NO. 239/RB, Staina Road, FaisalabadApproved
110Rachna Town Chak No.214/RBApproved
111Rafi Villas Chak No. 119/GBApproved
112Raheem Block Chak No. 204/RB Faisalabad.Approved
113Rahim Town Chak No.220/RBApproved
114Raja Park Chak No.222/RBApproved
115Raza Garden Chak No.204/RBApproved
116Raza Town Chak No.204/RBApproved
117Rehman Block Chak No. 204/RBApproved
118Rehmat Town Chak No.124/JBApproved
119Riaz-ul-Jinnah Umar Block Chak No. 7/JBApproved
120Saeed Colony, 213/RBApproved
121Safeena Town Chak No.200/RBApproved
122Salma Town Chak No.224/RBApproved
123Sareena Town Chak No.200/RBApproved
124Sehgal City Chak No. 234/RB (Approved by TMA)Approved
125Shadman Town Chak No.120/JBApproved
126Shahbaz Town Chak No.220/RBApproved
127Shalimar Homes 213/RBApproved
128Shalimar Park Chak No.224/RBApproved
129Sitara Abban Valley Chak No. 197/RB & 198/RBApproved
130Sitara Colony Chak No.222/RBApproved
131Sitara Diamond City 226/RB, Satyana RoadApproved
132Sitara Gold City Chak No. 215/RBApproved
133Sitara Park City Chak No. 215/RBApproved
134Sitara Park City Extension Chak No. 215/RBApproved
135Sitara Qamar Villas Chak No. 198/RB FaisalabadApproved
136Sitara Sapna City Chak No.123/JBApproved
137Sitara Supreme City Chak No.119/JB, Faisalabad.Approved
138Sitara Valley Chak No. 197/RB & 198/RBApproved
139Sitara Villas Chak No. 197/RB Faisalabad.Approved
140Sultan Town Chak No.217/RBApproved
141Syed Block Chak No. 207/RBApproved
142Tech Town, Phase-V, Chak No. 225/RB, Malkhan wala, Faisalabad.Approved
143Tech. Town Phase-II & III, Chak No. 226/RBApproved
144The Four Seasons Chak No. 234/RBApproved
145The Four Seasons Phase-II Chak No. 234/RBApproved
146Umar Garden Chak No. 204/RBApproved
147Usman Block Chak No.120/JBApproved
148Vista Homes Chak No. 121/JBApproved
149Wadi-e-Sitara Chak No. 200/RBApproved
150WAPDA City Chak No.192/RBApproved
151Younis Town Chak No. 225/RBApproved
152Zee Garden, Chak No. 198/RB, Munian Wala Road, Faisalabad.Approved
153SMD City Chak No. 196/RB, 202/RB Faisalabad.Approved
154Pine Park Chak No. 117/JB Faisalabad.Approved
155GULBERG VILLAS Chak No. 219/RB Faisalabad.Approved
156Madina Garden, Chak No. 239/RB, Faisalabad.Approved
157100 Homes Chak no. 204/RB Faisalabad.Approved
158Fatima Block Chak No. 209/RB Faisalabad.Approved
159Defence Paradise Chak No. 222/RB FaisalabadApproved
160Executive City Chak No. 215/RB FaisalabadApproved
161Haider Valley Chak No. 225/RB Faisalabad.Approved
FDA Approved Housing Societies- Updated List 2022

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